Charbel Tengroth

Managing Director
Tengroth Consulting

Charbel Tengroth is an experienced professional having worked in various leader roles within the fields of aseptic drug product and process development, and medical devices and combination products. Charbel has a strong scientific background holding a PhD in physics from Chalmers Institute of Technology and a post-graduate research positions at Princeton University and AstraZeneca R&D, which has given him the ability to very quickly get to the core of complex issues. He is currently working as an independent consultant for the pharma industry within his field of expertise.

Before starting his own company, Charbel was Technical Director at SHL Medical, a world-leading developer and manufacturer of medical devices. As Head of Device Development, Charbel managed multi-disciplinary teams of design engineers, human factor engineers, and industrial designers.

Charbel came to SHL Medical from Pfizer where he managed a team of scientists working with process development and drug product characterization of aseptic and biological drug products, and medical devices (injectors, inhalers, and others). He also led several product technology transfers and was managing an aseptic formulation and filling pilot plant.

Over the years Charbel has contributed to the success of a wide range of pharmaceutical products and medical devices such as Prevnar 13, Genotropin, Depo-Provera/Sayana, and the DAI and Molly families of injection devices.