Chris Baron

Director Business Development, Prescription Sales and Operations Europe
Aptar Pharma

Chris holds an Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering. For the last nine years Chris has been located at Aptar Pharma’s manufacturing facility in Le Vaudreuil, Normandy where he oversees the global business development activities for Aptar’s inhalation drug delivery devices (MDI & DPI) and their respective services pertaining to the application fields of Asthma & COPD.
Chris has 28 years’ experience working in the field of Inhalation Drug Delivery (IDD) with significant expertise associated to metering valve technologies for pMDIs and their accessory / peripheral device technologies, including dose indicators and Breath-Activated Inhalers. Over the latter 6 years, Chris also took responsibility for Aptar’s Dry Powder Inhaler technologies.
Chris previously worked at 3M Health Care (Drug Delivery Systems Division - UK), for 19 years, holding various positions and responsibilities within 3M’s R&D (Valve Development Specialist), Manufacturing (Manufacturing Technology Leader), Six-Sigma (Site Coach), Technical Sales and New Business Development functions. During this period Chris was closely involved in the development, optimization, commercialization and sale of IDD componentry (valves, canisters and accessory devices) for several innovator pMDI products.