Frederic Gabriel

Chief Innovation Officer

Frédéric Gabriel is Chief Innovation Officer for the Haselmeier Group and General Manager of Haselmeier Switzerland. He oversees strategic innovation activities as well as product innovation, pre-development, product and IP portfolio management, as well as licensing activities. Frédéric Gabriel joined Haselmeier in 2008 and was responsible for the Project Business. Prior to Haselmeier, Frédéric Gabriel worked as Business Analyst at Capgemini in the European Biotech Group in Stuttgart before joining Genzyme (now Genzyme-Sanofi) in 2005. At Genzyme, he worked as Business Analyst and later as Program Manager for the European Cardiovascular Business Unit, responsible for the European launch of Genzyme’s first cardiovascular product. He holds a MSc in Biology from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and a M.B.A. from the European School of Business, ESCP-EAP.